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Our First Blog!


How are you doing today? You look awesome and I am glad you are here (reading)! We decided to start a blog several months ago and we are really sorry that we haven’t done it sooner! Things have been so busy (in a good way) that we just haven’t had time. Well, not that things have slowed down any, I am starting it up! So let me preface this with a few things first and then we will jump in and I will bring you up to speed. First, I am not even close to being a good writer. I will make a lot of mistakes so please forgive me in advance. The point of this blog is to keep you in the loop and give you a peak behind the curtain. It is also a place for you to ask me questions and I will do my best to get you all the answers. We will be posting this on our website (duh) as well as Facebook and Twitter.

So, here we go! Its already late-April, dang where did the time go? It has been a big year for us as a brewery. In February we made the decision after much thought and discussion to sign with a distributor. We were at a place where that decision needed to be made. We decided to go with Mutual Distribution Company here in Raleigh. We are happy with our choice and it opens a lot of doors to help get our awesome beer across the entire state. For now, we are focusing on the central part of NC. Eventually, we will begin to expand into other markets including the Triad, Charlotte, Wilmington, Asheville, and the OBX.

Cans! At the same time as the distribution agreement was made we also started canning our first beers. We decided to can our Vienna Lager and our IPA. These are two of our most popular styles and we also felt they made the most sense to start canning first. We chose Old Dominion Mobile Canning to come can for us. It is an amazing process and efficient. We have canned two different batches so far of the Vienna and the IPA. And by the looks of sales and our cold room we think y’all are pretty happy with it! Eventually every brewery runs into some production constraints. We are seeing this now. We are making as much beer as we can and it is flying out the door, which is awesome, and we are deeply thankful to all of you for your support! We are now looking into our first expansion in the form of more fermenters. This means more beer! We are in the process of buying new tanks and once those come in it will provide a little more room for us in terms of capacity. Its an exciting constraint to see unfold as we are so grateful the demand continues to increase for our beers. We take great pride in all of our beers and we will never rush a beer out the door. We let our lager, lager. The Vienna takes 7-8 weeks from start to finish and we are OK with that. We know that brewing good beer requires patience and attention to detail, that yields consistent, high quality beer and that is what we are all about! So cheers to you and thank you for all of your love and support! We are looking ahead at what we will can next and on the horizon we are planning to can the Blonde Ale and our Belgian Golden Ale very soon. We will keep you posted!

Whew, that was a lot, I think its time for a beer! We will keep you posted on events and happenings as they come up. We will also be posting regularly about different things around the brewery! If you have any ideas or things that you would like to know about, please feel free to drop Dave a note and we will drop the knowledge!


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