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919 Beer Podcast: From home brewing to microbrewery

Bruce Corregan, of Nickelpoint Brewing, talks about the challenges of going from home brewing to microbrewery and selling beet at college stadiums.

Listen here:


WKNC 88.1 Nickelpoint Brewing Interview

Phian sits down with representatives from the Nicklepoint Brewing Company and interviews them about the brewing business and beer.

Listen here:


NC Beer Guys visit Nickelpoint

Bruce Corregan sits down with the NC Beer Guys for their second visit to Nickepoint.  

Watch here:



Walter Magazine: Dumplings, Maple Syrup, and Beer

Shaluka Perera sits down with Walter Magazine to discuss the start of Nickelpoint, canning, and distribution. 

Feb. 5, 2016 Listen Here:



919 Beer Podcast: Canning, Distribution, and New Tap-handles

Dave Haydysch, of Nickelpoint Brewing, and Michael Hayek, of Mutual Distribution, talks about the new era of Nickelpoint and the start of canning, distribution, and a new look based and feel of Nickelpoint based around the can design.  Feb. 12, 2016 Listen here:


Vienna Lagger Brew Day 04/12/2016

Bruce Corregan takes us through his typical brew day. 



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